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CraigCor Distribution Co. is an authorized Distributor of Allen Bradley equipment for Rockwell Automation South Africa as well as the exclusive Distributors of Hardy Process Solutions and Spectrum Controls equipment to Sub-Saharan Africa. We are based in Gauteng, South Africa and have served industry in the surrounding areas for more than ten years.

Our 4 Point Promise is the defining pledge of our company, it’s what makes us different and is the essence of how CraigCor Distribution operates.

Our Field Service Division, launched in 2008, has the sole mandate of optimizing the up-time and efficiency of our clients?operations by implementing a range of pre-emptive, planned and reactive maintenance services.

Always on the forefront of innovation, we welcome new and existing clients to our website. With enhanced functionality, users can now create a Bill of Material which can be automatically submitted as a Purchase Order or RFQ (request for quotation). Furthermore, our clients can now effortlessly distinguish which items are typically stocked as well as the list price of the item.

440c-CR30 Software Configurable Safety Relay
The Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 Software Configurable Safety Relay is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use.

This relay is ideal for applications requiring as many as nine dual-channel safety circuits and controlling as many as five output zones.

Allen-Bradley Guard Locking Switch
The TLS-Z GD2 Guard Locking Switch is an interlock switch that has a uniquely coded RFID door sensor with inductive door position sensing technology.

This switch can detect if an actuator key breaks or becomes separated from its door mounted position.

Guardmaster SC300 Hand Detection Safety Sensor
Our Guardmaster™ SC300 Hand Detection Safety Sensor is a compact safety sensor system which operates based on image processing technology.

The safety sensing function is performed by a single image sensing device viewing a single two-dimensional image against a passive pattern as the background.

Allen-Bradley 1606 Power Supplies
Bulletin 1606 switched mode power supplies includes four product families that meet most worldwide single and three-phase application requirements. These units are designed and manufactured to accept wide ranges of both AC and DC input voltages and are tested to meet global safety standards.

PowerFlex 525 Variable Speed Drive
Representing the first in Rockwell Automation’s next generation of compact drives, the PowerFlex 525 AC drive features a modular design in power ranges from 0.4 to 22kW at 100 to 600V input.

Its embedded EtherNet/IP, safety, USB programming, energy savings and a variety of motor control options are ideally suited for machine-level and stand-alone applications or simple system integration.

Rittal AE Compact Enclosure

Honeywell’s SmartLine pressure transmitters

Honeywell’s SmartLine pressure transmitters offer industry-leading performance, unique features such as modularity, a graphics display and polarity insensitivity that lower the total cost of ownership and are the only pressure transmitters equipped with Smart Connection Suite to deliver the best control system integration.

Micro850 Control System

The Allen-Bradley Micro850™ Control System is designed for larger stand-alone machine control applications through flexibility with Micro800™ plug-ins and expansion I/O to support a total of 132 I/O points. The embedded capabilities include as many as three axes of motion and an Ethernet port that supports higher performance connectivity to HMIs. Micro850 Control System is built to help optimize stand-alone machine performance and cost.

SMC-50 Softstarter
SMC-50 Solid-state Smart Motor Controllers bring efficiency and control of your motor and process to a higher level.

This micro-processor based, fully solid-state soft motor starter helps maximize efficiency for motor starts and stops. The SMC-50 motor starter offers many advanced monitoring and protection features to help keep your application running smoothly or ease troubleshooting during downtime.

CompactLogix 5370
Allen-Bradley launches CompactLogix 5370 controllers give machine builders high-performance integrated motion control on EtherNet/IP network, and up to 40% smaller footprint

The new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 programmable automation controllers (PACs) from Rockwell Automation offer high-performance, integrated motion control solution for machine applications.

Kinetix 350
New EtherNet/IP-Enabled Servo Drive From Rockwell Automation Provides Cost-effective Coordinated Motion for Low-axis Machines

The new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 single-axis EtherNet/IP servo drive from Rockwell Automation delivers high-performance motion control on EtherNet/IP, the world’s leading industrial Ethernet network.

PowerMonitor W250 / PowerMonitor 500
New Rockwell Automation Power Monitors Help Companies Control and Reduce Industrial Energy Consumption

Two new Allen-Bradley power monitors from Rockwell Automation provide manufacturers with scalable, cost-effective insight into how, when and where energy is being used throughout the production process.

PowerFlex 755
New high-power drives provide users with expanded application flexibility, additional voltages and common DC bus option for energy savings

Building on the foundation of the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 high-power models, Rockwell Automation has extended the power range of its PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 900 kW/1350 Hp and added 600/690 volt ratings.

PanelView Plus 6

The new PanelView Plus 6 operator terminals are ideal for applications that require monitoring, controlling and displaying information in dynamic ways, where operators must quickly understand machine status and make better decisions.

PanelView Component
New HMI offers just enough control for time- and budget-sensitive users.

The new Allen-Bradley PanelView Component operator interface, created for preferred integration with the Allen Bradley MicroLogix controller, provides on-terminal software, built-in mounting clamps, and simplified file-transferring capabilities.

Micro800 Control Systems
Allen-Bradley Micro800 controllers offer fully customizable solutions for nano- and micro-level controller applications

The Allen-Bradley Micro800?Control Systems are easy to install and maintain. One software package applies to the entire family.

MicroLogix 1400
New controller gives manufacturers better control at an affordable price.

The MicroLogix 1400 controller provides end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a higher I/O count, faster high-speed counter and pulse train output (PTO), and improved network capabilities.

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